From nature, from Brazil

The best of Brazilian fruits to the entire world.

A rich product line with Brazilian DNA, highly
differentiated as sources of nutrients, flavor and tropical culture.

Our products represent with excellence our essence: ORIGINally
from Brazil! Our portfolio fully translates our mission: to bring more health
and taste delight to everyone's table, in an easy and practical way.

Origem product line – Frutus, Açaí and Gelato – includes
frozen fruits, frozen pulps, açaí and other native Brazilian fruits sorbets.
All produced from natural raw ingredients with vegan processes and
best-in-class food safety protocols, consciously respecting biodiversity and
the Mother Nature.

That’s the reason our products have differentiated quality
and provenance guaranteed by several certifications*, such as: ISO 9001,
Kosher, Hallal, Vegan, Organic Product Brazil, Organic Product United States
and Organic Product European Union.

In other words, if it's ORIGEM, you can trust and enjoy all
that Brazilian natural fruits can provide.

The Origem brand is part of Grupo Zeppone, that was
created in 1995 with the mission of providing excellent quality fruit pulp to
the local market. In 2015, one of the most important fruits of our nation,
açaí, became our passion, we studied, tested, experimented and then managed to
achieve the perfect mix to provide the creamiest and most beloved açaí not only
in Brazil, but also from different parts of the world.

Origem From Brazil
Origem From Brazil

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Origem From Brazil